"We are women with dedication and effervescence, ready to bring zen to your home and your place of work"


Cleaning in Action is a worker owned cooperative based out of Southwest Detroit. In 2015 a group of women in Southwest Detroit came together with the vision of building a business together. Exhausted from working long hours cleaning and working temporary jobs for large corporations that paid little and demanded a lot, we decided to build our own company.


In March of 2017 Cleaning in Action Cooperative was officially formed offering high quality green cleaning services to customers in Metro Detroit. Working with us is not only an investment in enjoying a clean space to call home. It is an investment in our fellow worker owners and our community providing jobs with dignity at the center.

We are women with dedication and effervescence, ready to bring zen to your home and your place of work.

Carolina Torres Merlo

Carolina Torres Merlo is from Caracas Venezuela. She studied Human Resource Administration and Management at Central University of Caracas and earned her MBA at University of Zulia in Maracaibo. She currently resides in Southwest Detroit. Realizing the necessities of her environment, and with the help of Grace in Action Collectives, she collaborated with two other women from the community to start a cleaning cooperative, the main vision of which is to better the socio-economic status of its members.

Maria Perez

Maria is originally from Hargill Texas and moved to Detroit with her family as a child.  She started public school in Detroit where she quickly learned to speak English, going on to graduate from Western International High School.  Maria worked in a factory as a young adult and went to college for a year to study business.  She has worked in Human Resources, and in retail sales at MGM Hotel and Casino.  Maria is frequently a translator for Spanish speakers in Southwest, both for business and personal occasions, and is currently the in-house translator for the co-op.  

Maria Perez is a member-owner and co-founder at Cleaning in Action.  She manages Sales and Client Services for the co-op and will be the direct supervisor to the new Client Services Coordinator.